2016-03 Cancer Survivorship Benefit concert

Symphony Orchestra Supporting Cancer Survivors’ Fundraiser

Strathfield Symphony Orchestra to perform for Sydney Survivorship Centre

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 will be performed at Petersham Town Hall on Saturday 15 October by the renowned inner-west Strathfield Symphony Orchestra.

This special event, also showcasing the talents of the Excelsior and Sakura choirs, will raise funds for the Sydney Survivorship Centre, based at Concord Hospital.  This important organistion helps cancer survivors and their families manage treatment and side effects, as well as providing ongoing support.

The orchestra was established over 40 years ago. Sadaharu (Sada) Muramatsu, Music Director of Strathfield Symphony Orchestra said, “I really enjoy conducting this community orchestra of around 60 highly gifted musicians.  I lecture in conducting at Excelsia College (formerly Wesley Institute), and am Choirmaster of Sydney Sakura Choir.  Bringing this all together the evening’s music will be truly enchanting.”.

Janette Vardy, Professor of Cancer Medicine at Concord Hospital and Director of the Sydney Survivorship Centre, has been a long-term member of the orchestra. “I’m very excited, Sada is a magnificent conductor and the quality of music and the voices of the choirs are transcending.”

“I’m especially looking forward to the last movement “Ode to Joy” which brings the orchestra and choirs together.”

As Sada Muramatsu points out, “Sadly, one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. We support the good work being done at the Survivorship Centre and the concert is our way of showing our support for this life changing work. Now we need you the community to come and enjoy the night.”

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