Excelsia College Choir

EExcelsia_BWxcelsia College (formerly Wesley Institute) is Australia’s first Christian arts college and attracts students from around the nation and the world with exceptional undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Music, Drama, Teacher Education and Counselling. In partnership with Indiana Wesleyan University, Excelsia forms part of a global learning community with the vision to take Christian higher education to the next level in Australia.

The prize-winning Excelsia College Choir consists of Bachelor of Music students training for professional careers in the music industry. With backgrounds in classical, contemporary and jazz music, all Choir members are either vocal or instrumental performance majors and participate in Choir as part of their ensemble studies.

Under the direction of renowned conductor Dr Sadaharu Muramatsu and piano accompanist Ms Na Ri Kim, the Excelsia College Choir sings a diverse selection of repertoire and has performed around the country as well as in Europe, Asia and the US. 2015’s performance of Mozart’s Requiem marks the fourth consecutive year that the Choir has collaborated with the Strathfield Symphony Orchestra.

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