Meet our Section Principals

Paul Pokorny
ConcertmasterPaul 2
Dorothy Sercombe
Deputy ConcertmasterDorothy 2
 Philip Hazell
2nd Violin Principal
Philip 1
Danielle Norton
Viola PrincipalDanielle 3
Alicea Gedz
Cello Principal
Alicea 2
Lyndon Swasbrook
Flute PrincipalLyndon 1
Adele Haythornthwaite
Oboe Principal Adele 2
Regina Tam
Clarinet Principal Gigie 1
John Fletcher
Bassoon PrincipalJohn F 2
Lindsay Smartt
Trombone PrincipalLydsay 1
Neil O’Donnell
French Horn Associate PrincipalNeil 2
Amanda Whitfield
French Horn Associate Principal
Amanda 2
John Trezise
Brass & Double Bass
section manager
John T 2
Steve Machamer
Percussion PrincipalSteve 1b 26-5-2014

Photos by Luke Potter Photography

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