Brahms 1

Saturday, 1st April, 7pm

Petersham Town Hall
107 Crystal Street, Petersham

When we were planning this concert, we were hoping that our beloved Strathfield Town Hall would be resplendent after holiday renovations getting her ready to celebrate her centenary this year. Unfortunately, the roof needs a bit longer before she is ready to roll, so this great celebratory program will be presented in our temporary home of Petersham Town Hall. 

Opening the concert is the Kelso Overture by Miriam Hyde. Miriam, a long time resident of the Strathfield area and great supporter of Strathfield Symphony, wrote the overture to mark the occasion of her family moving to Kelso Street in Enfield (now Burwood Heights). Can’t get a more local tribute to our wonderful Town Hall. Selections from Bizet’s Carmen suite follow, a familiar crowd favourite. 

We are very excited that this concert will have an interval (the first since COVID began) and we will be serving tea, coffee and nibbles – an exciting return to normality!

After interval is the main event – Brahms Symphony No 1. In the words of our Artistic Director and Conductor, Sadaharu Muramatsu “I was stupid enough when I was young, I didn’t realize how great this pieces is. Truly I understood now this is one of the deepest symphony ever written.”

Read the program here.


Miriam Hyde – Kelso Overture

Bizet – Selections from Carmen Suites 1&2

Brahms – Symphony No. 1

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