Hong Zhi Gao

Hong Zhi (David) Gao graduated from  Harbin Normal University Music College, China, and is currently completing a Master of Music (Conducting) at Sydney Excelsia College under Dr. Sadaharu Muramatsu.

Hong Zhi Gao has conducted the Wesley Institute Choir (now Excelsia College Choir) and Tian Guo Yue Tuan (Celestial) Concert band. He worked as assistant conductor of Rockdale Opera Company for its production of “The Merry Widow” in 2014 (featuring Strathfield Symphony Orchestra). He has also worked as assistant conductor for the Strathfield Symphony Orchestra, the Sydney Sakura Choir and the Willoughby Symphony Choir .

Hong Zhi Gao was a music teacher in China and currently plays trombone with Strathfield Symphony Orchestra. He started his professional conducting career in 2012. He is due to complete his Master of Music (Conducting) in July, 2015.

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