Solomon Bard

Solomon BardVale Solomon Bard (1916 – 8 November 2014)

Maestro Solomon Bard conducted the Strathfield Symphony Orchestra from 1994-2004, after being selected by the orchestra from 17 applicants. Solomon lead the orchestra through difficult times with player numbers and orchestra numbers declining. His passion, dedication, generosity and musicianship lead the orchestra forward and he left the orchestra richer for his contribution.

Solomon was a veritable trove of musical knowledge that he loved to share. From the perfect way to pizzicato pp (just place your finger on the string, and lift off, no need to pluck) to personal anecdotes about composers (did you know that Lully died of gangrene after stabbing himself in the foot with his conducting staff?). His musical education began in North China and he subsequently played regularly with the Harbin Symphony Orchestra and conducted at the music academy where he was studying.

Setting aside music as a career, Solomon persued medicine, graduating as a medical doctor in 1939. He is the author of an auto-biography “Light and Shade: Sketches from an Uncommon Life” where he recounts his experiences as a doctor, musician and archaeologist – his three great passions.

Solomon’s artistic direction built the orchestra a solid reputation for supporting Australian contemporary composers. In particular, Solomon was the mainstay of the orchestra’s long standing and rich relationship with Miriam Hyde. There are many players still with the orchestra today that remember Solomon’s warmth and generosity of spirit, and I am proud to be among them. Solomon’s contribution to our orchestra will never be forgotten.

Laura Jamieson

Solomon Bard’s concerts with Strathfield Symphony











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