The Birds

25 November, 7pm
26 November, 2.30pm

Strathfield Town Hall

No need for fear, these birds won’t hurt you! The Lark Ascending is one of Vaughan William’s most loved works for solo violin, inspired by the poem by George Meredith, you will be transported to the English Countryside.

What, just a Lark? How can you call the concert the Birds when there is only one?

Haydn’s Symphony No.83 has a nickname, do you know what it is? The Hen – called so after the sound of the 2nd movement (you will just have to wait and see).

As for Beethoven’s Symphony No.6, it was not called The Pastoral for nothing. Beethoven actually named instruments in the score after the birds they were imitating. In the flute line we read “Nachtigall” (nightingale), the oboe is labelled “Wachtel” (quail), and the clarinets are the “Kukuk” (cuckoo).

All very peaceful and bucolic, the very opposite of the cinematic namesake.


Vaughan Williams – Lark Ascending

Haydn – Symphony No. 83

Beethoven – Symphony No. 6

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